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VIGA shpk is an active leather processing factory for almost 30 years, it is an important reality on an international level. The company is organized in the collection of fresh skins throughout Albania and in various countries in the Balkans and Europe where it has 18 secondary subsidiaries "occupying" the whole territory to guarantee the highest quality skin, following the collection with the utmost importance for each of them. Cooperation, speed, precision, innovation, technological development, attention to the safety of skilled workers and maintenance on environmental issues are the goals that the company pursues every day for nearly 30 years.

The quality management system, in accordance with national and international standards as well as the LWG certification for environmental issues is a guarantee of professionalism and social responsibility, which are fundamental values ​​in the management and day-to-day operations of the whole group. We stay consistently consistent in the production and completion of whatever item the market requires.

Viga Shpk is a factory, where 100% of its processing technology is the Italian model where the power of development is based in cooperation with factories producing chemical products where supplies have been since the start of activity only in Italy, from where customers are our main as well as the surrounding states. We are exactly what we do constantly. Therefore, perfection is not an action but a habit of ours.

  • Production capacity: 400,000 / 500,000 mq per month.

  • Our motive is Organization – Correctness.
Collection of leathers

Our company collects the skin throughout the territory of Albania, then collects it and treats it in optimal conditions near its premises.

Leather processing

VIGA Shpk processes the article with chemical products of maximum quality, mainly bovine, for all skin types. Processing is carried out under the maximum care of chemical experts and within the quality protocol, in order to maintain the maximum quality achieved.

Leather transformation

VIGA transforms skins from fresh and processed into processed Wet / Blue, Wet / White, Picel, in recent years also in Crust based on customer requirements.

Selection of items

VIGA Shpk quality experts select the item by category and quality, showing maximum care during this process.




After a long collective work Viga managed to obtain the LWG certificate, the first and only factory nationally becoming part of the leather industry. LWG aims to develop and maintain protocols that assess the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry

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VIGA is a member of the LWG (Leather Working Group Member). LWG aims to develop and maintain protocols that assess the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices within the leather industry.

We are the creator of high quality


VIGA International leather market since 1993. This 2413 year old city, the pride of Albanian architecture that is under the protection of UNESCO, is located 120 km away from Tirana. The city forms a wonderful combination of Eastern and Western cultures, costumes, traditions and appearance. Berat is called the city of floating windows. 

The first leather factory in Albania since 1993, which created a high standard in the leather processing culture by transforming it from raw (calves and bulls) to wet / blue, wet \ white, pickled , kore…

Viga’s origin comes from father Pali Garuli since 1936 when he was a well-known butcher. Thus began to grow year after year evolving into what it is today, a leather factory that has 18 secondary branches throughout Albania, collecting raw leather from regional slaughterhouses and conquering the national market with a production capacity of 40,000 \ 50,000 m2 in months. Over the years, thanks to the cooperation and mutual support of the children of Pali Garuli, who founded this activity almost 30 years ago, it has also been run by the children of the latter, to inherit and maintain the established standard. The company has been characterized by continuous investment in technology towards its growth path over the years. Viga has long been in the international market, exporting processed leather to the most prestigious firms in Italy and not only, maintaining loyalty over the years.

This leather factory has been the only example in the history of leather, which has created the high standard of leather transformation, thanks to the processing products which are imported by the leaders of chemical products in Italy. This makes the leather produced in this tannery to be of a high standard, ready to be turned into items of maximum quality. Every skin is traced step by step, traceability is primary for our progress until the final article. Viga even today continues the work to move forward with maximum accuracy. In 2021 it became part of the large LWG group, marking another milestone in its history and encouraging the achievement of other objectives. Of particular importance is the study for the treatment of technological wastewater, where the discharged water is reusable, this plant is certified and qualified as the first replacement system created entirely by the business itself. Viga, the name of the creator of quality.

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